When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid: Part 1 is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Road to Avonlea and was aired on Febrary 2, 1992.


Sara Stanley and the similar-looking Jo Pitts are girlfriends and Jo takes Sara's place because Hetty King is strict. The real Sara is looking for Ezekiel Crane.


Name Role
Zachary Bennett Felix King
Lally Cadeau Janet King
Cedric Smith Alec King
Harmony Cramp Cecily King
Jackie Burroughs Hetty King
Sarah Polley Sara Stanley and Jo Pitts
Don Francks Abe Pike
Kay Hawtrey Mabel Sloane
Michael Mahonen Gus Pike
Elva Mai Hoover Elvira Lawson
Barbara Hamilton Eulalie Bugle
Colin O'Meara Buck Hogan
Ron Tough Farmer
John Weir Sailor
Jeff J.J. Authors Purser