Vows of Silence is the ninth episode of Season 3 of Road to Avonlea and was aired on March 08, 1992.


Felicity King borrows a valuable family heirloom: a comb that Janet King once received from Alec King. When playing with Felix King, Felicity loses the comb. Janet thinks she lost him. Although she hates the ridge deep, she still has to find him because he is valuable.


Name Role
Zachary Bennett Felix King
Lally Cadeau Janet King
Cedric Smith Alec King
Gema Zamprogna Felicity King
Harmony Cramp Cecily King
Jackie Burroughs Hetty King
Mag Ruffman Olivia King
Sarah Polley Sara Stanley
Alex and Ryan Floyd Daniel King
Clara Potts Maja Ardal
Valentina Cardinalli Jane Spry
Susan E. Cox Peg Bowen
Roger Dunn Bert Potts
Patricia Hamilton Rachel Lynde
Elva Mai Hoover Elvira Lawson
Ken James Hank Webster
Keith Knight Reverend Fitzsimmons
Tara Meyer Sally Potts
Gillian Steeve Clemmie Ray
Jack Duffy Jeweler